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Grieving Still: Finding the Other Side (Book 1)

Prue embarks on a long overdue fresh start at what feels like the beginning of the rest of her life. Before she can even take her first steps into this new life, reality takes a swing at her newfound peace, with the loss of someone larger than life. As Prue struggles to find her way, now feeling far more lost than found, she seeks consolation in a support group, where she meets other hurt souls, including prickly Devon and a battered Gus. Upon this random encounter, the three suddenly learn of their newfound magical powers as the power of three.

Now that Prue, Devon, and Gus have been thrown together by circumstance, it is up to them what they choose to do next. Prue, still grappling with her heartbreak, Devon, infuriated over the injustices of those chosen to protect and serve, and Gus, ten years into running from his demons, must find a way to look beyond themselves and see the bigger picture.

Can the three of them band together to turn back time and save their loved ones?

Can the three of them work together to save themselves?

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